Hospital Furniture

Wide range of furniture to equip hospital, clinics, physiotherapy clinics and health centres. Customized projects and turnkey solutions.

  • Accessories


    IV Support, Steps, Revolving Stool, Dressing Jars, Mattresses, Observation Lamps, among others.

  • Medicine Cabinets

    Medicine Cabinets

    Wall cabinets, instrument cabinets, with optional unit dose boxes.

  • Cribs and Paediatric Beds

    Cribs and Paediatric Beds

    Manual and Electrical, Adjustable or Manual Hospital Beds, Hospital Cribs.

  • Screens


    Double or Triple, with optional wheels or sticks.

  • Chairs


    Blood Donor Chairs, Bathing and Toileting Chairs, Recliners.

  • Adjustable Beds

    Adjustable Beds

    Simple or adjustable, electric or manual beds, with or without side rails, Electric Hospital Beds.

  • Hospital Carts

    Hospital Carts

    Bandage Carts, Clothing Carts, Support Trolleys, Individual Dose Trolleys, Crash Carts, Hygiene Carts, Anaesthesia Carts.

  • Stretchers


    Basic Stretcher, Emergency Stretcher, Shower Stretcher, Hydraulic Stretcher with or without side rails, Stretcher Trolleys.

  • Tables and Douches

    Tables and Douches

    Portable or Fixed Examination Tables, Gynaecological Tables, electrical option; 3-section Couches; Neurological Tables, with or without face slot.

  • Tables


    Hospital Night Stands, Mayo Table, Dressing Table, Overbed Table, Baby Change Table, Device Tables and others.

  • Light Tables

    Light Tables

    Simple or Double.

  • Options and Support

    Options and Support

    Wall supports for bathtubs or showers, feet/legs set, bed headboards, among others.

Hospital Furniture

Hospital Furniture

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