04th February – World Against Cancer Day

Today is the World Day Against Cancer, an initiative of the ICC (International Union for the Control of Cancer). The main objective of the day is to raise awareness among the world population and mobilize them in the fight against cancer.


This day is also intended to alert government entities to the creation of programs for early diagnosis, prevention and equal access to treatments. Cancer is estimated to kill, on average, about 9.6 million people a year, more than HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Despite these figures, it is believed that with 1/3 of cancer cases that arise each year they can be prevented with an adequate diagnosis.


In Angola, there is an effort on the part of the responsible entities to raise the population's awareness of the warning signs, risk behaviours and the importance of diagnostic tests, in order to prevent the disease from being detected too late.


According to data from the Angolan Health Ministry, about 1300 new cases of cancer appear each year, the most common being breast cancer. Between January and October of last year, 351 new cases of breast cancer were detected, most of them already at a very advanced stage, drastically reducing the chance of winning the disease.


The lack of specialized technicians, the financial difficulties, general ignorance and cultural beliefs are the main factors that prevent the disease, in most cases, from being detected in time to successfully fight it.


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