10th December – International Human Rights Day

The International Human Rights Day promotes the end of discrimination nurturing equality between all citizens. In addition, it aims to honor all those who fight daily for human rights to be fulfilled, which is why this day is also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize which this year awarded the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.


This day is celebrated annually on 10 December, the date of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was made official, in 1948.


“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” is thus the first sentence of the first article of the Declaration of Human Rights, the world's most translated document.


This year's theme is “Youth in Defense of Human Rights” as a way of honoring young people who have been fighting for human rights and inspiring younger people to fight for it. It also aims to empower young people to recognise and know how to claim their rights.


It is important to sensitize the younger population to this problem, because the potential for change for a better future lies in the younger ones, they have the opportunity to become agents of change for a better world because they are never too young to do the difference.


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