12th November – World Penumonia Day

Today is World Pneumonia Day, a date that aims to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination in the prevention of pneumococcal disease.


Pneumonia is characterized by an infection in the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. According to World Health Organization data, pneumonia kills about 3 million people a year, including 476,000 children under 5 years old.


Children are one of this largest risk groups for the disease that causes more deaths than Malaria, HIV, Zika, Tuberculosis and Ebola together. Vaccination is the main form of disease prevention and should be administrated to the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children and the chronically ill. However, despite the proven results, the pneumococcal vaccination rate is very low, resulting in too many deaths for a disease that is potentially treated with antibiotics.


If there are no changes and current maintenance trends, pneumonia can kill up to 11 million children by 2030. Vaccination needs to be encouraged and facilitated, especially in developing countries.


Elnor Pharma provides Vaccination Programs with Single and Conjugated Vaccine Lines, Immunoglobulins and Bacterial Lysates, including the Vaccine against Pneumococcal Infections. These vaccination programs are fundamental to reducing mortality, disease and disability.


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