4 th February – World Against Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is an initiative of the UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) and aims to promote greater government and financial support for the creation of programs for early detection, prevention and equal treatment.


It is estimated that cancer kills, on average, 9.6 million people a year, more than HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Despite these numbers, about 1/3 of the cancers can be avoided. It is a priority inform the population of the warning signs, increase health literacy, understand and reduce myths and beliefs associated with oncological diseases, promote greater equality of access, diagnosis and health care.


This year's theme, which will remain until 2021, is "I Am and I Will" (#IAmandIWill), empowering the individual and challenging them to make a personal commitment with a future impact where small individual actions can reduce the impact of cancer on his life and those around him.


In Angola, about 3000 new cases of cancer occur every year, and there is even talk of a "cancer epidemic", patients arrive at health units in a state of the disease that is already very advanced due to a lack of knowledge and cultural beliefs, the which results in death in most cases. In addition, the financial situation of the country makes it difficult to expand services and there are only 30 specialized oncology technicians for about 26 million people.


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